This was quite a year! I changed my overall illustration style quite a bit from previous years, as you can see from some of my favorites below. I enjoy creating each order that comes through my Etsy shop, and I hope to make many more commissions in 2018!
ABOVE: This style is something I have developed over the past year or so. Not only is the 'closed eyes' look super cute, it brings more of a 'mid-century illustration' look to the portraits. I am still developing my techniques and playing with textures and eyes, so each one has it's own unique flair as the style develops even more.
BELOW: This more detailed style came about while I was experimenting with brush pens in my sketchbooks. I was aspiring to become a concept artist/ character designer at the time, and I thought this commission style would be an awesome way to incorporate my love for 'disney-style' cartoons into my work. I also made a tiny video to show a bit of my digital painting process- check it out!
In 2016, I decided I wanted to scrap my current 'portrait playbook' and start fresh. As I look through these pieces, I can start to see my transition to my newer aesthetics of pastel colors, dynamic lines and poses, and a more "Disney-esque" appeal.
This year I focused on quality vs quantity, only taking orders that were meaningful both to the client and to me as an artist. I took the extra time to experiment with my style, and as you can see, there is a wide variety ranging from photorealism to cartoons:)
In late fall 2014, there were very few artists creating custom commissions through Etsy, so I decided to take a whack at it! I had an overwhelmingly busy Christmas season starting around October, and the experience I gained was priceless!
I started out my portrait journey in 2013, sketching 10 "people of Fargo" as an assignment in my illustration studio at MSUM. (Friends, news-anchors, co-workers, my own sisters, and even a Corporate CEO!) I ended up liking this process so much that I decided to start selling commissions on my own!

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