Kaija Lea Handmade - Jewelry Product Tag/LabelĀ 2018
This was created to give my jewelry a bit more of a minimalist/boho vibe. See below images to see how it is used in other designs besides tags. (I remove the diamond background when necessary)
Here is a sample of how it would work in a design:
Kaija Lea Creative - Main Logo/Avatar 2018
Hand-lettered with an abstract floral pattern- made to fit my Spring 2018 illustration aesthetic. I like to keep my colors simple, and this red/pink/green/black combo is minimal, feminine, and boho!
Kaija Lea Creative - Main Logo/AvatarĀ 2017
I love Hand-lettering things, so naturally, I drew out my name and vectorized it! Added in some vintage flair and there you go- instant avatar!

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