I was asked to participate in Albino Buffalo's series 2 sticker collection as a featured artist back in Fall 2014. The theme could be anything we wanted, and me with a slight obsession for mermaids back at this time, I decided to create some of my own! ;) Each artist created 5 collectible designs, each one varying in rareness, so you'll see more of the blue finned girl than you will of the glowing deep-sea mermaid design. Pretty cool experience, I'm excited to possibly do it again someday!
Luna - mermaid with the cutest white-blonde locks.
Coralia - full painted version. I went back and polished this piece up because MERMAIDS.
Luna Sketch-
Initial sketch/ line art that I painted over. Trying to loosen up my digital sketch lines so they match my traditional drawing style more...
Coralia Sketch-
Mermaid #2! I love this one but I changed the jellyfish into a goldfish so their fins would match :)
A little creepy, a lot cool. I made this one back in February 2014 for a Sketch Dailies entry, but I thought it would be great to include in my mermaid collection here:)
"Fresia" ended up not making the cut for a sticker, but now I wish I would have submitted her- I love the pink fin!
Fresia Line Art-
Before starting the painting process. I forgot to save the initial sketch but this finalized work is pretty close to what I had at the beginning.

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