Sticker Designs
I have been obsessed with mermaids since childhood, but just recently started to draw and paint them. Most of these designs in the gallery started out as a part of Albino Buffalo - Series 2, a collectible series of sticker decals sold in Fargo, ND! This is still one of my favorite projects to date- thank you to Jeff Knight for recruiting me to be a part of the fun!
Luna - mermaid with the cutest white-blonde locks.
Coralia - full painted version. I went back and polished this piece up because MERMAIDS.
A cool instagram shot from a sticker collector- see my mermaid? Pretty sweet!
Luna Sketch-
Initial sketch/ line art that I painted over. Trying to loosen up my digital sketch lines so they match my traditional drawing style more- man I need a Cintiq Tablet:)
Coralia Sketch-
Mermaid #2! I love this one but I changed the jellyfish into a goldfish so they could be twinsies:)
A little creepy, a lot cool. I made this one back in February 2014 for a Sketch Dailies entry, but I thought it would be great to include in my mermaid collection here:)
"Fresia" The first mermaid of a new brush technique I am trying out- I really love the texture and colors!
Fresia Line Art-
Before starting the painting process. I forgot to save the initial sketch but this finalized work is pretty close to what I had at the beginning.
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