Hi there, I’m Kaija Lea! I am an artist, graphic designer and crafter with a love for all things vintage, bohemian, floral, and Scandinavian. I am loving life in small town Fergus Falls, Minnesota, currently working/living in an artist loft supported by ArtSpace. I am always exploring new ways to bring beauty, creativity, and happiness into the world, and I am constantly experimenting with different mediums and visual styles. I like to call myself  a “Creative Explorer"!
What am I currently working on in my studio?
▸HAND-LETTERING: In my typography work, I love creating posters with hand-lettering and whimsical brush script fonts. My current obsession is making empowering and uplifting quotes into art that can be displayed on home decor, throw pillows, mugs, etc.
▸HAND-DRAWN: I love experimenting with inks, watercolors, and gouache. I create mainly figurative work, creating all things enchanting and mysterious with a big dash of cute! My go-to subject matter usually includes females with different body types and ethnicities, woodland animals and creatures, plants/flowers, and mythology. I have also recently started drawing portrait commissions using only ink pens and brushes, and they are so much fun!
▸ DIGITAL ART: Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to work in the film or video game industry as a concept artist. These creative jobs require a lot of skill in digital painting, so I have always aspired to learn and experiment as much as I can. I try to incorporate unique textures and colors that are hard to achieve with traditional materials alone, and my 'lineless' style is unique to this medium as well.
And now, if you’re still reading, here is little more about my background!

✓ I was born in Fargo, ND and was raised by extraordinarily creative and entrepreneurial parents and grandparents. My 2 younger sisters and I were always encouraged to be creative, draw, read books, write our OWN books, DIY crafts, sing, play instruments, and anything else we ever felt inspired to do. I think that is the main reason we are all professional artists today!

✓ I not only love making art, but collecting it, as well. I love tiny art, figurines, mid-century storybook illustrations, Scandinavian design , eclectic antiques, and large abstract or impressionist paintings. Next to my creative studio, art shops and galleries are one of my favorite places to be. I love the conversations that are started by art (even if most of the time it's in my own head!)

✓ I LOVE music and figuring out how to play different instruments- Bassoon, saxophone, recorder, and I dabble on lots of others. (I have a vintage Omnichord which is pretty sweet!) I don't play them as often now that I am living in a quiet apartment complex, but I still pull them out every once in awhile! Anyone else who is a band geek like me, we should be friends :)

✓ I'm a dog person who has never owned a dog- I hope someday soon I will be able to adopt a lil' sidekick.

✓ I’m hopelessly addicted to Diet Coke, new sketchbooks, and YouTube.

✓ You can purchase my art for your home right here. Or here.
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